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Data Group: 1692
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Weight (Kg): 1.0000
Decsription: AD2-6V3.5A-2.5
HS Code: 8504.40.9510
Applications: Instrument
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1-0 General Description
2-0. Input Requirements
3-0. Output Requirements
4-0. Reliability
5-0. Environment
6-0. Safety
7-0. Mechanical Characteristics
Description : Switching Power Supply
1-0. General Description
The purpose of the document is to specify a Single phase AC input , single output
switching power supply. This specification is suitable for: EA1030A2 Series
This product is AC to DC switching power transfer device, it can provide
for a 6V, 3.5A max & 21W max DC output with constant voltage source.
This Specification defines the input, output, performance characteristics, environment,
noise and safety requirement for a power supply.
2-0. Input Requirements
2-1. Input Voltage:
Maximum Voltage: 264Vac
Normal Voltage : 100~240Vac
Minimum Voltage: 90Vac
2-2. Input Frequency:
Maximum Frequency: 63Hz
Normal Frequency: 50~60Hz
Minimum Frequency: 47Hz
2-3. Input Current
a. 1.0A (Max.) @115Vac input with full load.
b. 0.5A (Max.) @ 230Vac input with full load.
2-4. Efficiency
Meet CEC level V
Nameplate Output Power Energy Star Spec
0 to <= 1 Watt 0.48xPno+0.14
>1<= 50 Watts 0.0626xLn(Pno)+0.622
> 50 to 250 Watts 0.87
78.93% minimum at normal line input and average of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of max load.
2-5. Configuration
2 -wire AC input ( Line ,Neutral )
2-6. Input Fuse
The hot line side of the input shall have a fuse, rating ( T2A/250V )
Description : Switching Power Supply
2-7. Inrush Current
<= 30A at 110 Vac
<= 60A at 240 Vac At cold start, maximum load.
2-8. Line Regulation
This line regulation is less than +/-1%, of rated output voltage@full load.
2-9. Hold Up Time
>= 8.3 mSec ., @ Normal line, with full load.
2-10. Rise Time
<= 50 mSec ., @ Rated AC input, with full load.
From 10% to 90% of output voltage.
2-11. Turn-ON Time
The output voltage should rise to 90% of rated output voltage
in less than 3 SEC. from AC apply to 100Vac from start up.
2-12. No load Power Consumption :
Less then  0.3 Watts. at normal line input.
3-0. Output Requirements
3-1. Output Voltage and Current
Output Voltage (Vdc) Current Max.(A)
+6V 0 3.5A
3-2. Load Regulation
Voltage (Vdc) Tolerance (%) Regulation (Vdc)
+6V +5/-5 5.7V~6.3V
3-3. Dynamic Load Regulation
 D 5% excursion for 50% - 100% or 100% - 50% load change of DC output at
any frequency up to 1KHz(duty 50%)
3-4. Ripple  Noise
The power supply shall not exceed the following limits on the indicated voltage for 60Hz
or 50Hz ripple, Switching frequency ripple and noise and dynamic load variations
measured with a 20MHz bandwidth
Output Ripple/Noise
Rated output voltage 120mV
Input condition : for rated voltage , Output condition : for max load
Ripple / Noise: 60Hz ripple + switching ripple and noise
Ripple & Noise are measured at the end of output cable which are
added a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and a 47uF electrolytic capacitor
3-5. Over Voltage Protection
150% Max. of rated voltage
( Output clamped with zener diode , do not test with external DC source.)
3-6. Short-Circuit Protection
The adapter can withstand continuous short at DC output and no damage.
It will enter into normal condition if the fault condition is removed.
3-7. Stability
2% Max. at constant load with constant input (after 30 minutes of operation).
3-8.Temperature Rise
Less than 45 Degree C: on top/bottom case at normal AC input & 80% load of DC output at
environment temperature 25 Degree C.
3-9. Drop-out (Power Line Disturbance)
Output voltage shall remain within the specified regulation range, through the absence of
a line input during 1/2 cycle, at full load and normal AC line input
3-10. Voltage Isolation
The DC ground will be isolated from the AC neutral and AC line.
3-11. LED Display
Description Green
Power ON ON
4-1. MTBF ( MIL-STD-781C )
The power supply shall be designed and produced to have a mean time
between failures (MTBF) of 30,000 operating hours at 90% confidence-level
while operating under the testsing conditions.
Test condition : Input: 220Vac 45 minutes on , 15 minutes off
Output: 80% of rated load
Temperature : 40 +/- 5 Degree C
Quantity : 45 pcs
Result : without failure after 30 days burn-in
5-0. Environment
5-1 Temperature
a. Operating : 0 to 40 Degree C
b: Storage : -20 to 85 Degree C
5-2 Humidity
a. Operating : 10 to 90 %
b. Storage: 5 to 90 %
5-3 Altitude
From sea level to 2,000 Meter ( operation ) and 5,000 Meter ( non operation )
6-0. Safety
6-1. Hi-Pot Test
4242 Vdc 5mA 3 Sec. between primary and secondary circuit
6-2. Insulation Test
500Vdc, 3 Sec. between primary and secondary circuit
IR should 
100 M  .
6-3. Leakage Current
 250 uA , at 240Vac/50 Hz
6-4. Safety
6-5. EMS
Items Specification Reference
ESD Contact: +/-4KV IEC 61000-4-2
Air: +/-8KV
RS Frequency: 1KHz Field Strength: 3V/M IEC 61000-4-3
EFT 1.0 KV on input AC power ports. IEC 61000-4-4
SURGE Line to Line: +/-1KV (peak) IEC 61000-4-5
Line to F.G :
6-6. EMI
Comply with Standards
CISPR 22, EN 55022 Class B
7-0. Mechanical Characteristics
7-1. Physical Size : 98 mm (L) * 45 mm (W) * 31 mm (H)
7-2. Enclosure material : 94V-1 minimum
7-3. Output Cable (Reference) : UL1185 #16
7-4. Vibration Test
The vibration frequencies are set at 20Hz, with total amplitude of 1.5mm
Along the 3 directions namely X-Y-Z. The each direction should be vibrated
for 60 minutes, after testing no abnormal electrical or mechanical should occur.
7-5. Drop Test (Referencing to CSA C22.2 No.950/UL1950/UL1310/EN60950)
Products shall be dropped from a height of 900 mm onto a horizontal surface
consists of hardwood at 13mm thick, mounted on two layers of plywood each
19mm to 20mm thick, all supported on a concrete or equivalent non-resilient
floor. Upon conclusion of test, the equipment need not be operational.
7-6. Net Weight (Reference) : 220 g

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