Switching Power Supplies

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Untitled Document General
The specification defines the performance characteristics of a 240 W, Single Output level
Switching Power Supply for GM252-2401000-F .The power supply has designed highly reliable and meet international safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
1. Input Characteristics.
1.1 Normal Input Voltage:
It is normal for 100~240Vac input AC voltage
1.2 Input Voltage Range :
The Power shall operate form 100-264Vac
1.3 Input Current :

3.5Arms max At AC low line input and DC output full load
1.4 Rated Input Frequency:
It is normal for 50Hz or 60Hz and single phase.
1.5 AC Input Frequency Range:
The Power shall operate with an input frequency from 47Hz to 63Hz
1.6 No Load Power Consumption:
Maximum non-load power consumption is less than 0.5W at 115Vac/60HZ and 230Vac/50HZ
1.7 Inrush Current (cold start) : 30A Max. @115Vac/60HZ
: 60A Max. @230Vac/50HZ
1.8 Active Power Factor Correction: Typical ≥0.9(115Vac/60HZ and 230Vac/50HZ full load)
1.9 Input protection

6.3A Fuse The power supply shall be protected against power line surges and any abnormal condition.
1.10 Efficiency:
The efficiency of the Supply shall meet the following requirements (Warm up after 30 minutes test):


Efficiency( Typical full load)

115Vac /60Hz

Efficiency( Typical full load)


Average Efficiency ( 25%,50%,75%,100% rated load )

87.0 %


- min

2. Output Characteristics.
2.1 Rated Voltage
The rated output voltage is specified at 24.0V
2.2 Voltage Range
The output voltage will be performed 24.0V5% when the load is 0A~10.0A steadily
2.3 Current
This Power can work from 0A~10.0A and output voltage is in section 2.2 specified range
2.4 Ripple/noise
Output Ripple voltage is 400mV peak to peak or less.(100Vac 60Hz/240Vac 50Hz)

Measured methods:
*The ripple is measured from peak to peak with band width limit of 20MHZ (C1 : 0.1uF Ceramics capacitor C2 : 47uF/50V Aluminum capacitor under DC output full Load, AC nominal input 25℃ambient temperature).

2.5 Turn on delay
The power shall switch on in less than 3 seconds at input voltage is 200Vac
2.6 Hold-up time
The output voltage shall be sustained 6mS within regulation requirement after loss 200Vac and maximum load
2.7 Rise time
DC output rise time from 10% to 90% of output voltage shall be less than 40mS at nominal line and maximum load
2.8 Surge load:
The power shall support 11.0A for 20S at 100~240Vac and 25℃

2.9 Load transient response:
The power must within regulation when applied a step load from 0% to 50% and 50% to 100% load at 0.5A/uS slew rate and 10mS time period.
The output voltage will be performed 22.8V~25.2V
2.10 Output regulation



Tolerance Range



Total Regulation



+ 24.0 V

0~10.0 A

5 %

1 %

5 %

*Total regulation involved line regulation load regulation cross regulation---etc
*Line regulation is measured from 90Vac to 132Vac or 185vac to 264vac
*Load regulation is measured all output from min load to max load at 115vac
or 230vac nominal AC input voltage.

3. Protection
3.1Over Voltage Protection:

Over Voltage Protection

The output shall be p rotection to latch off at over-voltage condition , maximum value cant be over 2 times the rated voltage (48V) , That might be return to normal state by AC reset <= 3.Minutes

The power supply will be auto recovered when faults remove

3.2 Over Current Protection: The maximum constant current would be greater than 11A and
less than 20A; The power would be auto-recovery
3.3 Short Circuit:
Output can be shorted without damage No odor, smoke, fire, plastic deformation, and excessive
heat happen. The power shall be auto-recovery. (It will enter into normal condition when then the fault condition is removed)

Untitled Document 4. Environment (temperature and humidity)
4.1:Operating temperature 0℃~35℃
4.2:Operating humidity 20%~ 90% ( Relative humidity).
4.3: Storage temperature -20℃ ~ 80℃.
4.4:Storage humidity 0%~ 95%. (Relative humidity).
4.5: Dropping Packed:
Wall mount type and Height 76cm for desktop type as , the horizontal surface consists of hardwood at least 13mm thick , mounted on two layers of plywood each 19mm to 20mm thick , all supported on a concrete or equivalent non-resilient floor

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