Stepper Motors

Data Group: 1639
SKU: 1040103
Product Number: 17HD-B8X150-0.4A
Category: Linear Steppers
HS Code: 8483.40.9000
Applications: Printers
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KYSAN SKU MFG Model Step Angle No. of Phase Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance (O) Inductance (mH) Holding Torque (mN.m) Detent Torque (mN.m) Weight (Kg) Rotor Inertia (g.cm2)
1040103 17HD-8X150MM0.4A 1.8 2 12 0.4 30±10% 37±20% 260 12 0.2 38

Motor Connector PH-6Y and header PH-6AW specifications


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