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Offerring 3000+ Motors  
  Kysan Electronics® is a distributor of electronic components, testing equipment, and computer products serving institutions, design houses, corporate customers, and service centers worldwide within automation industry and office automation markets. We offer thousands of electronic components, a commitment to quality, and innovative solutions. Our sales professionals are ready to work diligently with you to support your needs for a variety of electrical motors and electronic components, testing equipment at our sales networks.  
Electrical Motors: AC Motors, DC Motors, Spur Geared Motors, Planetory Motors, Vibrating Motors, Solenoids, Stepper Motors
Tools & Measurement: Bentop Power Supplies, Clamp Meters, Tools, Multimeters, and Test Leads.
Educational Kits: Solderless Breadboards, Filaments, Motor Kits, Solar Panels.
Power Products: Battery Holders, Desktop Adaptors, Power Cords, Switching Power Supplies, and Wall Adaptors.
LCDs & LEDs, Panel Meters.

Kysan Electronics
2570 North First Street, Suite 220
San Jose, California, 95131
United States
Phone: 408-324-1638


Kysan Electronics China Factory
Suite 121, Building. 4,
No. 32 Makan Road,
Xili Town, Nanshan District
Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518000
Phone: +86-755-8270-4329
Fax: +86-755-8270-4215

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